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Charter a Global 5000

Private Jet Charter Global 5000

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Rent or Charter a Global 5000

Global 5000
Private Jet Charter Global 5000
Cabin Width: 8.2 (ft)
Cabin Height: 6.3 (ft)
Cabin Length: 45.7 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 2,022 (cu ft)
Range: 5,200 (nm)
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Aircraft Class: Heavy Jet
Passenger Seating Typical: 13
Passenger Seating Max: 17
Baggage Capacity: 190 (cu ft)
Global 5000 Cabin

When the Global 5000 first took to the skies it was heralded as the world’s fastest ultra-long range private jet. That’s a pretty tall order to live up to, but the Global 5000 is up to the task. For proof you need to look no further than these stats: The Global 5000 is able to fly up to eight passengers and three crew members across 4,800 miles nonstop while maintaining a speed of .85 Mach. Case closed. 

Although those eight passengers are the average, this craft can also be configured for a high density passenger manifest of up to seventeen flyers. Measuring out the cabin will have you recording figures like 37.3 feet in length, 8.2 feet in width and 6.2 feet in height. Add that all together and the result is a total cabin volume of 1,881 cubic feet. 

Because this is a corporate business jet then corporate business might need to be conducted in flight. That won’t be a problem thanks to the Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronics System (CES). When engaged, this system offers up high-speed internet, LAN connections, satellite TV, two DVD players, wireless phones, scanner and fax machines. All of that is wrapped into a sleek touch screens control panel. 

Up in the full-sized galley you can whip up all kinds of tasty treats that will be served up on a custom designed china and cutlery set. As a special added bonus, the seat cushions were actually designed by NASA engineers with the goal to mold to a flyer’s body shape. Talk about flying in comfort!



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