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Charter a Gulfstream G150

Private Jet Charter Gulfstream G-150

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Rent or Charter a Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream G150
Private Jet Charter Gulfstream G-150
Cabin Width: 5.9 (ft)
Cabin Height: 5.9 (ft)
Cabin Length: 17.8 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 465 (cu ft)
Range: 2,950 (nm)
Aircraft Class: Midsize
Passenger Seating Typical: 4
Passenger Seating Max: 6
Baggage Capacity: 80 (cu ft)
Gulfstream G150 Cabin

It’s a lot of fun being picked first for a game. That can only mean you’re the best at what you do. In flying circles, the Gulfstream 150 has the distinction of being “picked first” by many frequent private jet charter travelers. That’s because it delivers the longest range, the fastest speed and the most comfortable cabin in its class. Why wouldn’t you pick this plane?

In terms of flying power, the Gulfstream G150 gets it thrust from a pair of extremely fuel efficient Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines. However, you can’t just have a powerful engine. Your craft needs to be designed with positive aerodynamics in mind. The Gulfstream 150 has you covered in that department by breaking speed records before it was even certified for flight service!

Because they know a thing or two about flying, the Gulfstream engineers were able to take the already high performing Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 avionics suite and make it even better. New upgrades into the same advanced technology found with the user friendly Gulfstream PlaneView cockpit system. All of this translates into an improved flight-crew experience which means flying secure in the knowledge that your pilots have complete control.

Of course flying in the Gulfstream G150 isn’t just about speed and avionics suites. The passenger deck now features a wider, more oval-shaped design. You can pick from three seating configurations options to carry up to eight passengers. Check other aircrafts in the same class and you’ll find the Gulfstream G150 beats them all when it comes to shoulder room, headroom and legroom. Ask anyone who has flown on a Gulfstream 150 how was their flight and they’ll be quick to say, “Amazing.”


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