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Rent or Charter a Challenger 605

Challenger 605
Private Jet Charter Challenger 605
Cabin Width: 8 (ft)
Cabin Height: 6 (ft)
Cabin Length: 28 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 1,150 (cu ft)
Range: 3,900 (nm)
Aircraft Class: Heavy Jet
Passenger Seating Typical: 9
Passenger Seating Max: 19
Baggage Capacity: 115 (cu ft)
Private Jet Charter Challenger 605 interior

Every successful airplane manufacturer can point to a specific lineup of craft that put them over the top. For the Bombardier Company that would be their Challenger fleet. First came the 600 which was improved upon with the 604, but Bombardier didn’t stop there. Enter the Challenger 604 which brings together all the design expertise from generations of high standard private jet aircraft. It didn’t take long for the Challenger 605 to rise to the top of the list as the favorite craft of corporate clients. 

One of the reasons that Bombardier can boast such strong customer satisfaction ratings is because of the exceptional level of comfort it provides for its passengers. The Challenger 605 is no different. The cabin layout can be configured into a comfy combination of club, divan and individual seating arrangements to carry up to 12 passengers. You’ll find this interior measuring at just over 6 feet tall, 7 feet wide and 28 feet long. Taking a page from customer requests, the 605 has made the windows higher and wider for amazing views. The cabin also features a cutting edge Ethernet-based management system, larger video monitors, an upgraded galley area, sturdier worktables and more LED lighting.  So, yes, it’s like taking your own comfortable office into the skies. 

As for avionics, the Challenger 605 had made great upgrades there as well. In this craft the pilots will be flying with the new and improved Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite. Experienced pilots will notice the larger the four-screen display system and improved pilot interface.  As the fifth generation aircraft a pinnacle has been meet. You can only imagine what comes next!



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Charter a Challenger 605