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Rent or Charter a Gulfstream G450

Gulfstream G450
Private Jet CHarter Gulfstream G450
Cabin Width: 7.4 (ft)
Cabin Height: 6.2 (ft)
Cabin Length: 45.1 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 1,525 (cu ft)
Range: 4,350 (nm)
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Aircraft Class: Heavy Jet
Passenger Seating Typical: 14
Passenger Seating Max: 19
Baggage Capacity: 169 (cu ft)
Gulfstream G450 Cabin

It’s nice when you can develop something that becomes the standard for all other products to live up to. Gulfstream accomplished that with its G450 large-cabin private jet. Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of a Gulfstream and the G450 certainly carries on this proud tradition. Although the words “private jet” implies traveling alone, what it really means is traveling at your own schedule. The G450 lets you travel with up to seventeen other guests. You just have to make the list! 

This model of Gulfstream peaks out at 41,000 feet in just under twenty-three minutes.  At that altitude, the jet can cruise along at .85 Mach. The maximum range at that speed and height is around 5,000 miles. So it is conceivable to wake up in New York and decide to travel to Los Angeles for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and make it with time to spare. 

Once inside the cabin, flyers will be able to stand and stretch with 6.2 foot high ceiling and 7.3 of width space. Speaking of space, there is also 169 cubic feet of cargo space and two coat closets in the two enclosed restrooms. To make the time go by during the flight, you can cook up a hot or cold meal in the fully stocked galley. Imagine what your chef can conjure up with a high temp over, microwave, full sized sink with hot and cold running water. And that scrumptious meal will be served up on the signature Gulfstream dinner service. While dining, you can be entertained with music from your built in CD player or movie viewing on your two LCD screens. There are also satellite phones, power plugs, work tables and a LAN connection spread throughout the cabin. Welcome to private jet travel.



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Charter a Gulfstream G450