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Rent or Charter a Gulfstream G400

Gulfstream G400
Private Jet Charter Gulfstream G400
Cabin Width: 7.3 (ft)
Cabin Height: 6.2 (ft)
Cabin Length: 45.1 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 1,525 (cu ft)
Range: 4,405 (nm)
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Aircraft Class: Heavy Jet
Passenger Seating Typical:13
Passenger Seating Max: 19
Baggage Capacity: 169 (cu ft)
Gulfstream G400 Cabin

Although American can boast “first in flight” there are airplane manufacturers scattered around the globe. However, if you want to “buy American” when it comes to private jets then you’ll be looking at the fleet from Gulfstream. One of the company’s premier jets if the G400. This durable twin engine plane has been flying passengers in comfort for decades with a proven track record of dependability and customer satisfaction.

Those rave reviews begin when passengers settle into their flight. The G400 can happily seat up to fourteen passengers. If the need arises, the cabin can also be configured to fly up to nineteen guests. Unless you are a 7 foot tall basketball player, you won’t have any trouble standing up in the 6.2 feet high cabin. You’ll also be able to stretch out in 7.3 feet of width and 45 feet of length. The optimum flying range on the G400 is 3,880 nautical miles but it can stretch to 4,166 miles. This simply means you can fly from coast to coast without a stop.

For engine power, the G400 has two Rolls Royce TAY 611-8  beauties that achieve a maximum cruising speed of 500 kts. The G400 only needs 5,700 feet of runway for takeoff and 4,100 feet for landing. That can pretty much take you into any popular and well traveled destination. 

Part of the amenities package on the G400 can be a fully optimized aft galley complete with a microwave oven, a high temperature oven and granite counter tops. There are two complete full service bathrooms on board forward and aft. For flying entertainment, the cabin can be loaded up with the airshow 4000 system that features a CD and DVD player, six 5.6" fold out color monitors, one 17" color video monitor that is mounted on forward bulkhead. It’ like your own flying screening room!



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Charter a Gulfstream G400