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Higher Education for Private Jet Charters

Being a private jet charter pilot is a very exciting, and rewarding career for those who have put in the study hours, training flight time, and dedicated themselves to ensuring the safety of their passengers and enjoying the wonders of flight.  This article is devoted to educating potential pilots about the important steps that students should know when embarking on pilot career. the steps they must take in order to get a commercial pilot certificate for private jet travel before taking to the air.

In order to become a Jet Charter Pilot, there are many rules procedures and regulations that students must learn before ever climbing in the cockpit of a private plane and preparing for take-off from one of many private airports.  The first step is to pass commercial pilot ground school, which introduces future pilots to the regulatory, practical and operational issues involved with becoming a certified commercial pilot.  These courses require approximately 30 hours of class time, followed by at least 250 hours of cockpit flight time in a top private jet.  This training is required to make sure that the pilot-in-training knows how to handle certain conditions and perform specific maneuvers.

Once passing a written ground school test and completing the mandatory flight hours, the next step is to pass a check-ride, which is similar to a driver’s test that one would take for their driver’s license.  A current medical certificate, instrument rating and multi-engine rating are all required components in the process of getting a private jet pilot’s license as well.

To be hired by a private jet service as a pilot, the student in training will need to have experience in the cockpit flying private planes.  Flying experience can vary depending on the number and complexity of aircraft they have flown during training.  Once completing all the required training, the next important step in a pilot’s career is to get hired to actually do the job.

There are no guarantee’s in today’s aviation industry, as even the most qualified of pilots may not be able to find work if there are no jobs available in the location where they are based.  Determining how to get a job as a private jet pilot (once obtaining the required certificate’s and licenses) varies for each pilot. However for those centered in major cities, such as Los Angeles, New York City, or Miami the budding pilot may find more opportunities, but may also find that they are faced with stiff competition from other trained charter jet pilots as well. 




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Higher Education for Private Jet Charters