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How to Book a Private Jet Charter Flight

Booking a private charter flight is much easier and more convenient than hassling with commercial air travel. Some of the more obvious perks of flying privately include being able to select your own departure time rather than choosing inconvenient schedules from airlines and receiving personal attention from a broker, but how exactly do you book a private jet rental?

Booking a charter flight is quite simple, and we can walk you through the steps from start to finish. It all begins with a simple phone call or email to ElJet, and ends with the best flying experience you’ve ever had.

Step 1: Determine when you want to fly (date and time), approximately how many people will be traveling, and what type of private aircraft you want to rent.

Step 2: Call one of our expert travel portfolio managers at 1 (888) 355-3538 or email us at [email protected] with the above information to get started.  If you aren’t quite sure on the answers to Step 1, we’re always here to help figure them out with you.

Step 3: We will provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to rent the private jet from your departure to destination location.

Step 4: Assuming that our jet rental rate estimate is within your travel budget, we will work to secure the aircraft you were seeking – or that we suggested based on your requirements.

Step 5: Your travel portfolio manager will contact you with a few different options based on the above criteria, giving you options that will range in price and amenities.

Step 6: Once you have selected the option that is best for your travel needs, we will send you a Jet Charter Broker Services contract.  Complete the contract, and send it back to us.  Don’t forget to include a copy of your driver’s license and major credit card!

Step 7: We do require receiving funds within 24 hours of your departure time.  ElJet accepts wire transfers, and checks (assuming enough time for the funds to clear is allowed).

Step 8: We will provide you with a complete travel itinerary with the FBO addresses for your departures and arrivals, the operator name, contact numbers, and any other pertinent information.

Contact us to Get Started

Our staff is able to complete this entire process quickly and efficiently for you. We’ve even booked last minute trips for several clients that have contacted us on the same day they wanted to depart! If you want to book a flight now or if you’re just looking to inquire, we can provide you with a free rate quote on a private jet rental in just 60-seconds. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

Phone: 1 (888) 355-3538                                          

Email: [email protected]

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