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The Charter Jet Booking Process

Booking a Private Jet Charter can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the Jet Charter world.

Below we will outline the process to help you understand how the Jet Charter booking process works:

Step 1: Call us at 888-355-3538 where you will be placed with one of our expert Travel Portfolio Managers. You can also fill out your itinerary online by visiting our travel search form.

Step 2: Please let us know your travel dates, number of passengers traveling and desired aircraft type.

Step 3: Your Travel Portfolio Manager will provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of your Charter Jet.

Step 4: If the estimate is within your travel budget we will then work to secure an aircraft for you.

Step 5: You will be presented with different options based upon the criteria specified.

Step 6: You will be sent a Jet Charter Broker Services contract.

Step 7: You will be asked to fax us your completed 3 page charter contract to 610-646-3787. Please remember to include a copy of your drivers license and major credit card (AMEX is preferred).

Step 8: We require funds within 24 hours of your departure time. We accept wire transfers, and checks as long as the funds have cleared prior to departure.

Step 9: You will be given a complete itinerary with the FBO's you will be using at departure and arrival, Operators name and contact numbers, Pilot names and contact numbers, and any other pertinent travel information.

Our Aircraft Jet Charters are accessible to all of our clients whether you're a seasoned private jet traveler or this is your first time utilizing Aircraft Jet Charter. Whether you need to fly to Las Vegas or Shanghai ourTravel Portfolio Managers are standing by to assist you with all of your travel needs. Please call us at 888-355-3538.


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ElJet acts as an agent for private air charter services on behalf of our clients. ElJet does not own or operate any aircraft nor is ElJet a direct or indirect air carrier. All charter flights booked with ElJet will be operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers "Operators" or the international equivalent, who will maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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