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Save time and get lower prices by using our jet charter brokers today!

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At ElJet we have earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading Jet Charter Broker Companies. Many Jet Charter Brokers like to pass themselves off as operators but we are proud of our status as a Jet Charter Broker.

Below are some commonly asked questions about using an Aircraft Charter Broker:

Q: Can I book Jet Charter myself? Why do I need a Charter Broker?

A: Great Question. If you typically fly same day round trips or round-trips with a one night stay over round-trips on flights that are longer than 3 hours you probably are best off working with a local Jet Charter Operator.

Very few travel itineraries meet those criteria.

There are thousands of Charter operators worldwide. What differentiates each jet charter broker who works with us is pricing, fleets, safety records, and customer service.

Any Jet Charter traveler can contact an operator and get a quote. But utilizing a full service Jet Charter Broker enables you to be sure you are flying with a reputable operator at a price better than booking directly and without having to do all of the legwork yourself. Booking through a reliable aircraft charter broker truly does make a world of difference!

Q: How is it possible to be cheaper using a Jet Charter broker if I know you are making a commission on my flight?

A: No two trips are alike. The Private Jet Charter solution for one trip may be completely different for another.

Let’s consider some of the variables.

There are:

Number of passengers.

Amount of baggage.

Length of the flight.

Length of time on the ground.

One-way or round-trip.

Non-Stop or a fuel stop required.

Domestic or International.

These factors alone can result in hundreds of different options. We can often find great deals for you by utilizing aircraft positioned in high volume areas of the country. At ElJet we have proprietary tools that enable each jet charter broker at our offices to locate the best jet solution for your Charter flight.

Let’s look at an example of a trip from Miami to New York. If you call a New York based operator they will take you to South Florida but often return from New York empty. In most cases you will pay for that portion also known as “deadhead” whether or not that segment is filled. Your aircraft charter broker would be able to locate the empty return, enabling us to save you the cost of paying for an empty leg.

Many operators count on us for a consistent revenue stream and other than the typical industry wide discount of 5% offered to most Charter Brokers, we at ElJet often save significantly more. Our industry wide low markup enables us to consistently beat out the competition.

Next time you are considering Private Jet Charter we hope you will consider us as your preferred Jet Charter Broker. Try speaking with a jet charter broker at ElJet and you will see why 90 percent of our business is from repeat clients. Our Travel Portfolio Managers are available at 888-355-3538 please call us and we will make sure that your private jet charter is truly an unforgettable experience.


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