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Jet Charter Flights for Western USA Airports

Arizona – Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Lake Havasu and Sedona are just a few of the popular Arizona chater flight destinations, as are the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert National Park and Petrified Forest National Park.

Phoenix, Arizona – Deer Valley Airport Only 15 minutes away from the Phoenix business district and the 14th busiest airport in the U.S.
Flagstaff, Arizona – Flagstaff Pulliam Airport  With a landscape covered by a forest of ponderosa pine trees, Flagstaff is a gateway to the Great Outdoors and a popular charter flight destination. 
Mesa, Arizona – Mesa Falcon Field Nestled in Phonenix’s East Valley, Falcon Field is run by the city of Mesa and services rivate jet charters and general aviation operations.
Scottsdale, Arizona – Scottsdale Airport Scottsdale Airport is an airport that has no commuter or airline service and instead serves as the home for many of the area’s corporate and charter aircraft. Professional Pilots Magazine has consistently ranked Scottsdale Airport in the top 50 airports.
Tucson, Arizona – Tucson International Airport All around this arid land, you will find national parks and canyons to explore, with a dazzling array of desert life including the magnificent Saguaro cactus that Arizona is known for.

California Regardless of where you travel in California, you will find culture, scenic beauty, and things to do that make California one of the most unique private jet travel destinations in the world.

Burbank, California Bob Hope Airport, formerly known as Burbank Airport, is the closest airport to Hollywood and serves as the most popular  airport for studio executives and celebrities who charter the top private jets.
Hayward, California – Hayward Executive Airport Located close to the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, this private charter airport is a nice alternative to the larger, busier airports in the area.
Long Beach, California – Long Beach Airport Also known as Daugherty Field, this airport is located at the edge of Los Angeles in Long Beach, California and services private chater jets for the Los Angeles area and all of Orange County.
Los Angeles, California The largest city in California. Los Angeles is also the entertainment capital of the world and a major business hub.
Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles International Airport Also known as LAX, it is the fifth busiest airport in the world based upon passenger traffic. Los Angeles Charter Flights service the entertainment capital of the world.
Los Angeles Area, CA – One of the nation’s most popular private jet charter destinations.
Los Angeles, California – La Verne Brackett Field Located about a mile southwest of La Verne in Los Angeles County, Brackett Field is about an hour east of central Los Angeles. It is one of several private airports serving the Los Angeles area.
Mammoth Lakes, California – Fly on a Private Jet to one of California’s premiere    destinations for skiing, snowboarding and alpine sports, Mammoth, California.
Oakland, California – Oakland International Airport This is a popular privater jet charter alternative to the very busy San Francisco Airport for travelers heading to the San Francisco area.

Palm Springs, California Palm Springs International Airport is located just two miles outside of Palm Springs. Palm Springs has perfect weather, plenty of luxury hotel options and miles of shopping opportunities for private jet rental travelers.
San Diego, California – Arrive on a private plane and enjoy some of the best climate in the USA in the second largest city in California.  
San Diego, California – McClellan-Palomar Airport This small airfield is located a few miles southeast of the business district of Carlsbad, California. It serves private jet travel for the northern part of San Diego County.
San Diego, California – Montgomery Field This small private airport in central San Diego is an excellent alternative to San Diego International Airport.
San Francisco, California The San Francisco Bay Area Bay Area encompasses the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.
San Francisco, California – San Francisco International Airport Located about 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, this is the second businest airport in California and is a major gateway airport for private charter flights to Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.
San Jose, California – San Jose Airport Also known as Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third largest city in California and home to many of the world’s finest enterprising minds and innovations in technology.

Santa Ana, California John Wayne Santa Ana Airport is the only commercial airport in Orange County, California that also see’s charter jet travel.
Santa Barbara, California Nestled between Los Angeles and San francisco, Santa Barbara has world-class hotels and resorts and some of the finest dining establishments for charter jet travelers.


Santa Monica, California Given its close proximity to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu and the Pacific Palisades, the popularity of Santa Monica Airport as a California private plane destination has increased significantly.
Southern California – Southern California is known for its impeccable weather, rolling beaches, and celebrity star power. It is also one of the most popular private charter flight destinations in the world.
Van Nuys, California A popular destination for los angeles jet charter flights, the Van Nuys CA Airport is a public airport located in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley section of the city limits of Los Angeles, California.  

Colorado – ElJet’s most popular private jet charter destinations. Attractions abound, from the serene ski environment offered by Vail, Colorado, to the luxurious homes, recreation, and shops offered by Aspen, Colorado; from the bustling city of Denver, Colorado, to the stunning natural beauty of Boulder, Colorado. 

Aspen, Colorado If you are looking for a winter getaway for skiing or snow boarding, or a summer retreat for golfing, hiking or fishing, consider a charter flight to Aspen or Vail, Colorado.
Colorado Springs Home of beautiful rock formations, towering mountains and the United State’s Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs is an American treasure and luxurious resort destination.
Denver, Colorado The Mile High City beckons. Strategically located Denver has become a natural location for storage and distribution of goods and services to the Mountain States.
Denver Centennial Airport Only 13 miles away from downtown Denver, this airport is centrally located in The Denver Tech Center and in the midst of 23 business parks, which is perfect for corporate jet charter service.
Grand Junction, Colorado The largest city in western Colorado, Grand Junction is one of the nation’s major mountain biking destinations and is popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts of all stripes.
Grand Junction, Colorado – Grand Junction Regional Airport Primarily a general aviation air hub. Close to the nearby cities of Aspen and Vail. Grand Junction often serves as a backup airport when whether prevents travel into those cities.

Rifle, Colorado With a name straight out of the Wild West, Rifle, Colorado is a regional cattle ranching center and a popular destination for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures.
Vail, Colorado World renowned as one of the most desirable charter flight destination and vacation spots for the rich and famous. 
Hawaii A string of islands in the Pacific Ocean that offers gorgeous sunsets and pristine beaches, amazing surf breaks, luxury hotels, beachfront spas and more.
Hawaii, Maui & Honolulu – Enjoy the warmth and relax in the tropical paradise called Hawaii. Charter flighs to Hawaii can take you to the major islands and cities.
Kauai, Hawaii Enchanting all of the senses, Kauai is a lush land of dense jungles and gorgeous beaches, small villages and the soaring cliffs of Napali. 
Lanai, Hawaii Lanai is one of the smaller Hawaiian Islands that receives far fewer visitors than Oahu, Maui or the Big Island.
Maui, Hawaii One of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Maui is a mecca for young vacationers thanks to its excellent nightlife and awesome array of adventure sports.
Molokai, Hawaii Hidden away from the madness of the modern world, Molokai has no traffic, no traffic lights, and no building taller than a coconut tree.
Oahu, Hawaii The southern coast of Oahu is where you will find Pearl Harbor and the historic monument to the World War II soldiers who lost their lives, along with the big city of Honolulu and its world famous beach, Waikiki.
Waikiki, Hawaii Located on the island of Oahu in the city of Honolulu, Waikiki is synonymous with vacation beach culture and you can find a real party on the white sands if you look.
Bozeman, Montana Situated on the edge of the Yellowstone National Park in southwestern Montana, Bozeman is a lvely city and a university town with all of the glory of the great outdoors right in its backyard. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico With pretty desert scenery and a colorful cultural heritage, the desert city of Albuquerque, New Mexico is an interesting an exciting destination

Las Vegas, Nevada Whether you are going to play, relax, gamble or just enjoy the rich nightlife, let ElJet arrange for your charter flight to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Henderson Airport Henderson Executive Airport is a popular airport for travelers flying into the Las Vegas area; especially private jets during peak travel periods.
Las Vegas, Nevada – McCarran International Airport Just five miles south of the downtown Las Vegas and next to the Las Vegas Strip, McCarran hosts charter flight travelers coming from all over the world to try their hand with Lady Luck in world famous casinos.
Las Vegas Strip, Nevada – A sparkling city set in the desert like a diamond in the rough. Las Vegas is a city where anything is possible.
Lake Tahoe, Nevada One of America’s greatest treasures, Lake Tahoe is a very popular recreation and charter flight vacation destination that is located on the border of California and Nevada. 
 Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Truckee-Tahoe Airport Located where California and Nevada come together, the beautiful Lake Tahoe offers infinite possibilities for action on the water as well as gourmet restaurants, boutique shopping, art galleries and luxury hotels nearby. 

Reno, Nevada – Reno-Tahoe International Airport Located three miles outside of Reno, this joint civil and military airport services the Reno area. It is also the second closest airport for private jet service to the very popular Lake Tahoe vacation area.
Portland, Oregon – With fresh air, green trees and crisp mountain scenery, Portland is a unique metropolis set amidst the beautiful natural bounty of the Pacific Northwest. With a young and progressive populace, thriving music scene, Portland is a popular private plane destination.
Park City, Utah – With numerous ski resorts, biking trails and opportunities for shopping, golfing and entertainment, Park City, Utah is a fun vacation destination that appeals to travelers of every persuasion.
Salt Lake City, Utah – Salt Lake City International Airport – An important destination for several major commercial carriers and private jet charter travelers, Salt Lake City International Airport serves a large area of Utah.
Seattle, Washington – Seattle is one of America’s most livable cities. Its attractions are due in a large part to its beautiful natural setting, surrounded by the waters of Lake Washington and Puget Sound.
Seattle, Washington – Boeing Field Airport A good choice for busy charter jet travelers due to its proximity to the downtown Seattle business district.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Jackson Hole Airport lies within Grand Teton National Park, nestled at the base of the magnificent Teton Mountains. Jackson Hole is near Yellowstone National Park, which offers stunning views, plus wildlife such as buffalo, bears and bubbling hot springs.


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