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Last-Minute Private Charters

You’ve gotten that sudden, dreaded phone call: You’re needed at a remote meeting, at an off-campus business location, or overseas. Whether your last-minute flight needs are for a sudden and necessary corporate board meeting, an important convention, an impromptu speech, a personal need abroad, or a spontaneous vacation, we can help find last-minute charter flights to where you need to go. The experts at ElJet can find the best deals in the private jet business and do so quickly! With Eljet's personalized private jet charter service, you will feel that your emergency is ours.

We’ll Find a Plane Fast

We offer 24/7 customer service and would be happy to help you right away. We work with a vast network of  exclusive charter operators and can help you get to more than 15,000 locations internationally and domestically. So no matter if your next destination is New York, Houston, or Tokyo, we can provide a private jet service quickly on the most chic and posh private jets. Often, our loyal clients call us the previous day or even the same day as their needed flight.

What was our fastest turnaround? Our record is 45 minutes from request to wheels-up.

The Best Last-Minute Private Jet Deals

Because we maintain exclusive relationships with operators worldwide, we’ll be able to find some of the best prices and quotes for our most luxurious private jet charter services. Internationally acclaimed as the leading private jet charter in North America, ElJet is a company that’s designed to be stress and hassle-free with luxury and loyalty only surpassed by safety. We offer streamlined booking, a high standard for safety, and a commitment to finding the best value for our customers. We also have a focus on finding empty-leg flights that will make your private flight more affordable.

Empty-Leg Flights at Affordable Prices

“Empty leg” simply means that the private jet would ordinarily be empty of all passengers. These are trips that charter companies would normally not make money on, leading them to have a huge negative impact on their bottom line. So by focusing on finding convenient empty-leg flights near the desired departure point, we save our clients as well as our partners a great deal of money over time. As an organizational charter service with connections everywhere, we’re great at finding these deals in the nick of time!

Get Both Fast Service and Great Deals

With a renowned name in the business like ElJet, you can have the best of both worlds: affordable solutions and reliable boutique customer service. You don’t have to sacrifice a more affordable flight for world-class customer service that’s ready to help at any time. We are the best in the business because we understand that our clients’ time is valuable. After all, we work with such discerning clients as heads of state, celebrities, and CEOs. Our aim is to help you to lead your meetings more effectively in person and to get you to your location quickly. Couple that with the stress-free convenience of flying in a private jet and you’ll soon see why so many clients choose us to find the best last-minute charter flights.

There’s certainly no time to waste! Call us now at 888-355-3538 to book your next flight. We’ll find the top last-minute private jet deals and take care of your trip!


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