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Light Jets

Light Jets are the mostfrequently flown and privately chartered class of private aircraft. There are more make and models of aircraft in the light jet category than any other aircraft group. These aircraft have smaller cabins and limited range. A Lear 31 light jet - for example - would require a fuel stop when flying coast to coast. Light jets such as the CJ1 are a good choice when traveling on flights of 1 to 4 hours in duration and are often used for day trips.

Light Jets typically hold between 6 and 8 passengers and are a perfect choice for business travel or a closer family vacation. Light jets are efficient, economical and a wildly popular aircraft choice.

Many aircraft in this class are equipped with lavatories which is another reason why Light Jets are popular for small business groups or families traveling with small children.  Some Light Jets can travel up to 2,500 nautical miles, and many can cruise at speeds of up to 500 mph.

Light Jets have been manufactured since early 1960’s, and have continued to evolve ever since.  One advantage that these aircraft have over their smaller and slower counterparts is their ability to fly faster and at higher altitudes. The ability of these aircraft to fly higher allows them to travel faster than turboprops and very light jets – getting you to your destination quicker.

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Like most private jets, Light Jets booked with ElJet deliver the utmost in safety, luxury and hassle-free air travel.  There are a many light jets available for private charter rentals, both for quick business trips as well as personal vacations. 

Contact one of ElJet’s experienced travel portfolio managers to learn about which light jet would be best for your itinerary.  We have the widest selection of light jets available for private charter flights, and over 14,000 destinations around the globe to choose from.  Call us at 1 (888) 355-3538, or email for a free charter flight quote or to book a private light jet for your next trip today. 

Light Jets:



BeechJet 400


Hawker 400XP


Lear 31


Lear 35


Lear 40


Lear 45


Citation Bravo


Citation II


Citation CJ1


Citation CJ2


Citation CJ3


Citation CJ4


Citation Encore


Citation V

Citation Ultra Exterior opt

Citation Ultra


Falcon 10


Phenom 300


Premier 1


Westwind I


Westwind II



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Light Jets