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Rent or Charter a Citation III

Citation III
Private Jet Charter Citation III
Cabin Width: 5.5 (ft)
Cabin Height: 5.7 (ft)
Cabin Length: 18.4 (ft)
Cabin Volume: 438 (cu ft)
Range: 2,300 (nm)
Aircraft Class: Midsize
Passenger Seating Typical: 7
Passenger Seating Max: 8
Baggage Capacity: 61 (cu ft)
Citation III Cabin
Whenever you buy any type of manufactured product you have three goals in mind: cost, performance and comfort. The product needs to achieve a balance between those three goals in order to satisfy your needs. That holds true for cars, furniture, HDTVs and especially private jets. For those who have been afforded the opportunity to travel on a Citation III, they are quick to discover that Cessna meets all of those goals in perfect harmony. 

The take-away from spending time in the cabin of the Citation III is that it looks and feels like a much bigger type of corporate jet. The total volume is 438 cubic feet with headroom of 5.8 feet. It’s those unique window designs which help fill the cabin with ambient light and gives it that open vibe. The Citation III can accommodate up to eight passengers in seats that offer a full range of mobility and comfort adjustments. 

Once the passengers buckle up, they will be in for a fast flight. Upon takeoff, this model of Cessna zips up to 43,000 feet and can hit a cruising speed of .83 Mach. With just four passengers the Citation can cruise a distance of 2,920 miles. This puts Citation III in a class all by itself. 

For power, the Citation III relies on two Honeywell TFE731-3B-100S engines for a smooth flight every time. Up in the cockpit, you’ll find the Honeywell digital SPZ-8000 avionics system. Special features of this system are numerous safety checkup programs that are easy to access and read.  To sum it all up: The Citation III is just what you want in a private jet.



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Charter a Citation III