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Private Air Charter Services

ElJet has been at the forefront in revolutionizing Private Air Charter Services. One of the biggest objections to flying via Private Air Charter is some misconceptions painted by some of the larger fractional and jet card companies. We will aim to separate fact from fiction.

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Fiction: Fractional Jet Companies have the newest Jet Fleets. 
Fact: Our clients can provide a desired age range of their aircraft and we will make sure to locate an aircraft within that specified range. Whether you want a brand new private jet or something less than 4 years old our Travel Portfolio Managers know which operators have the newest fleets and the best pricing.

Fiction: Flying via Fractional Jet is more affordable than flying via Private Air Charter. 
Fact: On all measures flying via Private Air Charter is more cost effective than flying via Fractional or Jet Cards. In addition the Fractional and Jet card companies charge Fuel Surcharges on top of the hourly and fractional portions already paid. Visit our cost comparison calculator to see for yourself.

Fiction: Fractional and Jet Card Companies can arrange Jet Charter services on short notice. 
Fact: Most qualified Jet Charter Services companies can arrange charter in less than 10 hours. In fact we have experience coordinating jet charters in two hours or less from departure time.

Other Facts:

Fact: Fractional Jet Companies often “Charter” Jets from the general charter fleet during high traffic periods.
Fact: Fractional Jet customers often incur high cancellation fees even if the flight is months out. 
Fact: There are typically additional fees or higher pricing for one-way itineraries with most Jet Card and Fractional companies. 
Fact: ElJet always aims to locate empty legs for one-way itineraries. We also work extensively with operators who have “floating fleets” (which means the aircraft does not have to go back to a home base) and that enables us to get you one-way pricing and avoid unnecessary positioning costs. 
Fact: ElJet does not mark-up extras such as catering or car service. 
Fact: At ElJet you speak with one person throughout you entire Private Air Charter booking process. You are not moved around from department to department regardless of the time of day or where in the country you are traveling. 
Fact: ElJet has worldwide resources to handle your private jet charter needs anywhere in the world.

At ElJet our knowledgeable team of charter experts delivers extraordinary service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need to charter a corporate jet for a business trip, or charter a plane for a large group ElJet is here to help. Please call 888-355-3538 to speak to one of our Travel Portfolio Managers and they will work with you to create your personalized travel portfolio.


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