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Private Jet Charter to the Bahamas

The Bahamas has long been a loved holiday destination by Americans for its close proximity to the coast of Florida and its reputation for an authentic island vacation experience. The Bahamas is a vacationer’s dream. The Bahamas offers tourists the possibilities of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in the sea creature saturated reefs, para sailing, scuba diving and even the opportunity to have an encounter with your wild side with a booze cruise.
The people in the Bahamas are known for their friendliness towards tourists and the rich local culture and delectable cuisine is a vacation experience in its own right.
The Bahamas has two main airports, one located in Nassau and one located in Freetown. Due to the high traveler and tourist volumes into the Bahamas these airports are often crowded and not easy to navigate. As island airports, their hours of operation are not as extensive as larger airports, making commercial flights into them crowded at higher prices.
Many travel to the Bahamas for the great scuba diving opportunities and traveling by commercial jet means that invariably travelers cannot bring their own scuba gear, leaving them with no choice but to rent equipment that is often sub-par and well used.
Celebrities and top businessmen have learned to avoid the travel headache into the Bahamas by using private jet charter to the Bahamas.

Experience the Luxury of the Bahamas with ElJet Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter allows passengers access to many of the Bahamas smaller and more exclusive airports. Private jet charter allows for optimum privacy and unsurpassed luxury. From choosing your aircraft to choosing who sits with you on the aircraft and what you will be eating and watching, private jet charter to the Bahamas takes all the stress out of your Bahamas vacation.
Many travelers are concerned about the price and safety of private jet charter. That is not the case though with travelers who choose to fly with ElJet.
ElJet offers their customers the full luxurious private jet charter experience at a price unmatched by other leading private jet charter competitors. ElJet flexes its relationship with exclusive Bahamas jet charter operators for the benefit of their customers. This ensures a great price.
The only thing that ElJet will put before your luxury on your trip to the Bahamas, is your safety. ElJet has an impeccable safety record with all our pilots and aircraft exceeding the industry safety standards.
ElJet also offers concierge services on our private jet charter flights to the Bahamas. This means that we take all the stressful parts of a Bahamas vacation and manage them for you. From the flight to accommodation and entertainment, you can leave it entirely up to ElJet.
Feel free to pack all your scuba gear and any other requirements you might need or want because when you travel with ElJet, your entertainment and baggage allowances are virtually endless.
Give ElJet a call today, their skilled operators are waiting to make your Bahamas vacation, honeymoon or getaway, a luxurious reality.

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