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Private Jet Charter to Van Nuys

The rich and famous have plenty reason to be in Los Angeles. The rich, famous and those who put a premium on their time in Los Angeles have plenty reason to avoid LAX on their journey to the home of Holywood. LAX is the proverbial travel nightmare, with clogged check-lines and never ending TSA queues.
The alternative that has proven to save businessmen time and in the long-run money is private jet charter to Van Nuys. Private jet charter to Van Nuys provides the perfect gateway to Los Angeles, whether your destination is Holywood, Downtown Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, Van Nuys is perfectly placed for quick and easy transit.

If you value your time in Los Angeles you should be using ElJet private jet charter to Van Nuys

Due to its prime Los Angeles location, there are many private jet charter operators who operate in and out of Van Nuys. Few, however maintain exclusive relationships with Van Nuys prime private jet charter operators. This is where ElJet wields an advantage over other private jet charter operators.
ElJet ensures that every trip to and from Van Nuys is charged at the lowest industry price. Based in California, ElJet also maintains exclusive relationships with pristine limousine services, ensuring that your onward journey from Van Nuys is as smooth as it is luxurious.
ElJet’s concierge services are renowned in the jet charter industry. From in-flight entertainment to the most luxurious accommodation, ElJet’s skilled operators will ensure that your journey to Van Nuys and onward is truly a luxurious experience.
If your time in Los Angeles is too valuable to be spent on the hiccups of commercial jet travel, or you simply deserve star treatment, then you ought to be using ElJet private jet charter to Van Nuys. Exclusivity, privacy, confidentiality and luxury are just a few of the reasons why you should be using ElJet private jet charter.
ElJet staff are available 24/7 for all your private jet charter needs.

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