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Can’t get a flight because of bad weather? Fly private with Eljet and get where you need to go

by | Apr 1, 2019 |

Extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms, thunderstorms and fog are an unavoidable nuisance of air travel. Weather delays result in disgruntled travelers, loss of productivity and even loss of money for the impacted travelers. While inclement weather still affects private flights and their ability to operate on time, it doesn’t impact them to the same degree as commercial air travel.

Private aircraft are held to the same safety guidelines and restrictions as commercial airlines, but due to their smaller size, they are able to make quicker decisions and are more agile in their operations.

Scale (or lack thereof)
Commercial airports, especially those in major cities or hubs, handle thousands of arrivals and departures each day. To process all this activity requires a highly-coordinated schedule of personnel and resources. Once a wrench is thrown in this well-oiled machine, as many of us have experienced, all hell breaks loose.

Private flights use smaller aircraft and transport fewer individuals than commercial flights, and therefore require fewer resources and less coordination between those resources. This gives private flights the ability to react more quickly than commercial flights once weather begins to hinder airport operations and the backlog of flights begins.

Contributing to the agility of private flights is their access to far more airports from which to operate. A few weeks ago Las Vegas received a rare snowfall that crippled their commercial airport, McCarran International (KLAS), and its ability to facilitate flights. We received a number of calls from travelers desperate to get out of Las Vegas and onto their next destination. We were able to get these passengers quickly on their way by using the airport in Henderson, Nevada (KHND), just twenty minutes south of McCarran. Without any commercial traffic, despite experiencing the same inclement weather as McCarran, flights into and out of Henderson Executive were able to be operate more expeditiously.

The flight paths for private aircraft are more flexible than those for commercial airliners, allowing private aircraft to fly over or around severe weather more easily. This flexibility means there is a better chance your aircraft will be on its way to its destination rather than remaining grounded until the weather clears.

Safety is always our first priority and if conditions do not permit it, our operators will always defer to the best interests of the passengers. However, many times the weather delays affecting commercial airline travel are circumvented by the agility of a private flight and we are pleased to have helped many travelers safely and quickly reach their destinations!