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Hawaii enjoys the requisite tropical breezes and white sandy beaches of all tropical vacation destinations.  But once you set foot on its islands you’ll realize that there is much more to this paradise.  The spirit of Aloha infuses the islands with the charm, warmth and sincerity of the Hawaiian people and their cherished culture.  Among its hundreds of islands scattered across a 1,500-mile archipelago, are six that welcome visitors, each with its own unique appeal. If this is your first private charter flight to Hawaii, be forewarned: one taste and you’ll be hooked


Known as “The Gathering Place,” Oahu, the most populous of  the Hawaiian islands, is home to the state’s capital, Honolulu.  It’s also home to Hawaii’s famous Waikiki Beach, which came onto the scene during the early 20th century as large resort hotels sprouted up along the beach.  Another driving force in Waikiki’s fame was Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic medalist who, along the shores of Waikiki, catapulted the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing into popular culture.  A private charter to Oahu can transport you not only across the ocean, but back in time to experience a taste of that kitschy 1950s spirit, sipping a Mai Tai poolside at the Royal Hawaiian.  The grand hotels of Waikiki still line the beach, but a new generation has infused the area with stylish boutiques and chef-driven restaurants featuring local island ingredients.

An hour drive across the island from the bustling city of Honolulu and touristy Waikiki is a very different Oahu.  Pineapple fields, big waves and a laid back island vibe dominate the North Shore.  The historic Haleiwa Town, an old plantation town, is the biggest community on this end of the island and moves at a much slower pace. Here you can discover funky galleries and surf shops and enjoy an island treat of shaved ice.  But what overridingly dominates this side of the island and a good reason to jump on a private flight to Honolulu, whether you are a participant or observer, is surfing.  The North Shore, a legendary surf mecca, attracts the world’s best surfers.  During the winter months, the North Shore hosts the world’s premier surfing competitions and boasts massive (dangerous) waves.  From May to September the waves die down and allow a more peaceful atmosphere for surfing, swimming and sunbathing.

Private charters to Oahu mostly use Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL), the island’s main airport.  From PHNL you can take “Interstate” H1 3 miles (5 km) southeast to reach Honolulu’s central business district, 10 miles (16 km) in the same direction to reach Waikiki Beach or north to reach Haleiwa Town and the North Shore. Private charters can also use Kalaeloa Airport (PHJR), also called John Rogers Field, for domestic and inter-island flights.  Located in West Oahu in Kapolei, Kalaoela Airport is a less busy but a less conveniently situated airport option.

With warm weather year-round in Oahu, it’s always a good time to visit. Rain showers are more common in the winter months (November to March), but even then the temperature rarely dips below 75°F (24°C). During the summer, temperatures average 90°F (32°C), with August being the hottest month.  A more important consideration when planning your private charter to Oahu is tourism.  Fall, after summer vacation ends and before the holidays begin, tends to be the quietest time on the island.  After the winter holidays end and before spring break begins also allows you to avoid crowds.

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The Big Island

The island of Hawaii, the largest and southeasternmost of the Hawaiian islands, is most often referred to as the Big Island to distinguish it from the state of Hawaii.  At more than 4,000 square miles, bigger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined , the nickname is fitting.  It is also the youngest of all the Hawaiian islands and still growing. Volcanic eruptions above and below ground from Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano, add 42 acres each year to the island.  A private charter to the Big Island will deliver you to a magical retreat in the middle of the Pacific where you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches, dramatic lava flows and fascinating history that defines the Hawaiian Islands.

The Big Island is an adventurer’s paradise with a diverse topography to explore.  As your charter approaches Kona, the endless black lava fields that dominate the island’s coastline might have you wondering where the island’s spectacular beaches are hiding.  But nestled among that billowing black lava, are soft sandy beaches in an array of colors. On the Kohala Coast on the west side of the island are most of the island’s white sand beaches, including Hapuna Beach, which is regularly voted one of the best beaches in the world.  To experience dazzling black sand, head towards the southern tip of the Big Island to the famous Punaluʻu Beach, also known as Black Sand Beach. Composed of tiny fragments of lava, the black crystal sand glistens with silver flecks and offers a soft blanket from which to observe Hawaiian green sea turtles, honu, who come here to bask in the sun.  For the truly adventurous, a three-mile hike through lava fields on the island’s southernmost tip will lead you to one of the only four green sand beaches in the world, at Papakōlea Beach. The mineral olivine, known as “Hawaiian Diamond,” found in Hawaiian lava gives the sand its green color. 

If the lure of three colors of sand isn’t an enticing enough reason to schedule a private flight to the island Hawaii, perhaps we can offer a few more: cascading waterfalls, the most notable being Rainbow and Akaka Falls; Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, encompassing two active volcanos and recognized as a World Heritage Site; Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world when measured from below sea level, one of the clearest places on the planet for viewing the night sky, offering a rare opportunity to experience the polar tundra in Hawaii.

Charter flights to the Big Island have two international airports to use: Kona International Airport (PHKO/KOA) and Hilo International Airport (PHTO/ITO).  If you are headed to the west side of the island, including the resort areas of North Kona and South Kohala as well as town of Kailua-Kona, then Kona Airport is the best option for your private charter.  For those visiting the Island’s main city, Hilo, or any town on East Hawaiʻi, your private flight is best served by Hilo Airport.  Two regional airports also serve the Big Island, Waimea-Kohala Airport (PHMU/MUE) and Upolu Airport (PHUP/UPP), but these have limited facilities making them appropriate only for short, inter-island flights.

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There’s no one reason to charter a jet to Maui. There are hundreds. Which is why Maui is consistently ranked among the world’s top islands.  With more miles of swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian island, you can idle away weeks beach hopping and never visit the same spot twice.  Maui seamlessly balances natural beauty and outdoor adventure with luxurious accommodations which is why many consider it the ideal vacation destination. 

When traveling by private charter to Maui, there are two sights not to be missed: Sunrise at Haleakala Crater and The Road to Hana.  Both require a little effort, but are more than worth it in the breathtaking vistas they deliver.  Although waking before sunrise while on vacation may not top your to-do list, standing atop the 10,023 ft. summit of Haleakala is a majestic and unforgettable experience.  The early Hawaiians named Haleakala “House of the Sun,” and as you witness the sun emerging from the darkness to light the world on fire, you will instantly understand why.  The journey along the infamous Hana Highway, featuring 617 curves and 26 one-lane bridges, is as much a part of the experience as the destination itself.  As you wind around the narrow hairpin turns admidst lush tropical flora, you’ll want to stop at the myriad of waterfalls and scenic overlooks to take in their stunning beauty as well as to catch your breath. 

Kahului Airport (PHOG/OGG), the main airport welcoming both commercial and private flights to Maui, is the only one that allows international flights.  On the east side of the island Hana Airport (PHMM, HNM) is another option for regional private charters to Maui, inter-island flights and those wanting going to Hana who want to skip the harrowing drive to Hana.  The last of Maui’s airports is Kapalua Airport (PHJH/JHM), situated on the west side of the island between Lahaina and the resorts of Kapalua.  With a single runway, and limitations on development, Kapalua Airport allows only regional and inter-island charter flights.

Among the island’s many blessings is the weather, which remains consistently warm throughout the year.  Maui does have a rainy season from November to March, though it rarely rains more than two or three days in a row. The ideal time of year to plan your private charter to Maui is between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, when tourism is at its lowest and the weather is still good.  Peak seasons runs from December to March and the summer, when many families come to Hawaii.

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If “pristine” and “untouched” are words you’d use to describe your ideal vacation destination,  a private charter to Kauai is what you seek.  The first of the Hawaiian Islands to rise from the Pacific Ocean millions of years ago, Kuai maintains an aura of primordial wildness with its lush topography, tropical rainforests, jaw-dropping mountains and tumbling waterfalls.  Kauai has remained relatively undeveloped, allowing visitors to revel in its unspoiled beauty.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it in the wilderness. Kauai boasts plenty of high-end resorts to pamper you during your stay on the “Garden Isle.”

The Na Pali Coast alone is why many choose Kauai as their charter destination.  Stretching 16 miles along Kauai’s northwest coast and rising 3,000 feet above the sea, the pali, or cliffs, present a dramatic façade embellished with sea caves and fluted peaks.  Swift-flowing streams cutting narrow valleys through the mountainside terminate with water cascading to the ocean below.  Adding to its mystique are the stone walled terraces found on the valley bottoms, where ancient Hawaiians once lived, fishing and harvesting taro.  You will not leave without the word ‘paradise” resonating in your head.

Welcoming private flights to paradise is Lihue Airport (PHLI/LIH). Mostly un-walled and open-air, it is the only commercial airport on the island and has customs clearing for international flights. 

Like all the Hawaiian islands, the tropical climate in Kauai means the island enjoys warm weather year round.  As Kauai is noted as being the wettest place on earth however, scheduling your trip during its dry season can make for a more pleasant stay.  September to November and April to June, allow you to avoid peak tourist and wet seasons and are ideal times to charter to Kauai. 

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While the bright lights of Honolulu are visible from the west end of Molokai at night, the island is a world away from the bustling Waikiki.  Free of traffic lights and shopping malls, you’ll find friendly residents welcoming you to embrace the simple pleasures of their peaceful island paradise.  With the requisite lush flora, crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches that bless all the inhabitable Hawaiian Islands, rural Molokai offers unparalleled tranquility.

Private charters to Molokai can use Molokai Airport (PHMK/MKK), also known as Hoolehua Airport.  With no customs clearance available at this airport, it only allows domestic flights.

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Once an island-wide pineapple plantation, Lanai is now the smallest of the publicly accessible Hawaiian Islands.  Known for its quiet beauty and luxury resorts, Lanai is best for those seeking a reprieve from their hectic lives.  Hiking, swimming, golfing and overall relaxation is what you will find on Lanai. Welcoming private charters to Lanai is Lanai Airport (PHNY/LNY), the only airport on the island. A regional airport, it does not have customs clearance and therefore only allows domestics charters. 

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A private jet to Hawaii will ensure that your journey will equal the excellence for which the city is known.

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