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A Children’s Book About “Skippy the Private Jet”

Move over Thomas the Tank Engine, there is a new children’s book character in transportation town.  Executive Director of the National Association of Private Plane Owners (NAPPO), Chuck Brznarik, has started writing a Children’s Book about “Skippy the Private Jet.”
As the director of NAPPO, BrznarikCharter Plane has lobbied for lower landing fees and access to more major airports on behalf of its pilot members.  He has come to the conclusion that “Private jets are as American as French Fries,” and that they “aren’t just for greedy Republican businessmen.”  In his attempt to change the image of luxury aviation that many people have, he has begun authoring a children’s book telling the story of “Skippy,” portrayed as a Learjet 40 who is bullied by the big commercial jets.  In the book, Brznarik will tell the story of how Skippy takes off on an unapproved flight plan of his own.
The children’s book goes on to tell a story of the inconveniences of flying on commercial airlines, the hassles of security personnel, and the problems with “ethno-racial profiling” that can all be avoided by those who fly on private jets.  As the travels continue in the book, the point that Chuck Brznarik is trying to make becomes evident, even to young children, that flying privately is attainable, and much more convenient than commercial flights.

How to Fly like Skippy’s Passengers

You too can avoid the hassles of commercial air travel, the lack of toilet paper in public restrooms in Hartford (as described in the book) and fly to your next destination on a private jet.  Are you curious to know how much it might cost to fly on a private jet?  You can use our tools for air charter rates, or simply call us at 1 (888) 355-3538 to inquire about your next flight.

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