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Summer Flying Tips

Summer is definitely upon us and here are some tips to help you fly with more peace of mind this Summer.

Summer Flying Tips

  1. Avoid the Really Busy Days

If you have flexibility, as some people do in the Summer then avoid the really busy days. That means, July 4th weekend and Labour Day weekend should be avoided if possible.
2. Take Private Jet Charter
Private Jet Charter is less expensive than you might think it would be. If you are taking private jet charter then you can even ignore number one on this list. Use a trusted private air charter service that has a great safety, customer service, and luxury record. If you want to skip all the searching you can simply book with the award winning ElJet Luxury Private Jet Charter services.
3. Give Yourself Extra Time
Airports are bound to be busier because people are traveling. Give yourself a little more time at the airport. The rule of flying in every situation is that earlier is always better than later. Don’t be left running down the concourse with sweat welling up all over you. Take the time to check how long it will take you to get to the airport and provide yourself with ample time to complete each step of the process in the lead up to boarding. Keep in mind that each step of this process is also bound to be a little more crowded and therefore take a bit more time.
4. Hydrate
Whether you are taking a long-haul international flight or a shorter cross-country flight. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking an abundance of fluid (non-alcohol for the smart alecs). This will help you feel better on the flight and help you with the lag once you get off.

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