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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Experience

I recently flew with Virgin Atlantic on four long haul flights. The plane in use was the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Here is my review:

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Configuration
The configuration that Virgin Atlantic had for the 787 was 3-3-3. I felt that this was very good and gave a little more space then the general 2-4-2 configuration. It is possible that it was just perception but it did not feel as cramped. The seats were quite comfortable even in economy class with a good amount of legroom. The overhead bins were spacious with lots of extra room. Not sure if this was inherent to the Boeing 787 or just the way Virgin Atlantic had configured the planes.
The Ride
The ride on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was extremely smooth. All 4 flights were exceptionally smooth with very little bumping even when going through turbulence. The aircraft is also quieter than many that I have been on. This definitely added to the pleasantness of the ride.
The Lighting
One of the great features on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was the lighting. Instead of pulling down and opening window shades, the Dreamliner has adjustable lighting by every seat window. This lighting can be adjusted by the passenger but can also be darkened by the crew to give the plane a dark feeling even during the day. This was beneficial on the London to Los Angeles route which was day the entire time.
Higher Ceilings
When standing up, it did not feel like your head was going to hit the overhead bins. There was ample head space and room.
There are definitely many luxuries and small details that have gone into the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to make it a much more comfortable ride.

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